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I was born and grown up in Dortmund, Germany and surroundings. I launched my career as photographer with Canon and capturing photos with SONY, now. Get more information about me on my german blog pages, Instagram or Facebook profile. Please, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. Please, tell me about your projects and ideas.

I am a photographer? Actually, I don’t know how you can call me and I want to tell you my story in case you have a few minutes. Maybe I’m weird or crazy, or something else. A photographer? C’Mon. I never have chose this expensive hobby. Indeed, it was the merciless camera instead. After I have shown my friends some photos which I shoot by an one-dollar camera, they tried to keep me going on in the wonderful world of photography. I should have a good eye. So, anytime I hold a new CANON camera in spring 2014 in my hands and… damn… this act unleashed me. I bought it.

In 2016 I founded my company #chrizschwarz IT & Media and served until then unique pictures of cities, landscapes and people. Moreover, I create expressive websites for my international clients because webdesign is what I have learned and practice in my main time since 2007.

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Auf der Kiepe 10 | 44536 Lünen | Germany